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Welcome to Pete and Sue's  Carbus Travels


When our grandson first toured our Class A motorhome he saw the steering wheel and cockpit and said "It's a car!".  He then turned around and looked at everything behind the cockpit and said "and it's a bus!  It's a carbus!" And so it has been called ever since.

We hope to use these pages to keep in touch with family and friends on a semi-regular basis and give them a feel for where we are and what we are doing.  I am sort of designing/creating this site on the fly - hope it works.  Instruction, inspiration and design ideas have been garnered from all over the web.  One site in particular has been my guiding light in this project.  My design is more basic but I have incorporated a number of their site features and content ideas.  Please visit to see their wonderful site and see how they are living their dream.


States in which we have camped a minimum of three nights or found at least five geocaches or both.

2010 Trips

2011 Travels