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***** To navigate the map, see the TIPS below the map *****

Navigation Tips

1. The markers are color-coded to indicate the type of campground.

2. The numbers on the markers correspond to the order in which we stayed at these campgrounds.

3. Click on individual markers to get an information bubble that indicates the name of the campground, when we reviewed it, the overall rating we gave it, and a link to the complete review.

4. To pan up, down, right, or left, place your cursor on the map and drag it OR use the directional arrows in the upper left corner.

5. To zoom in or out, use the zoom bar on the left OR you can place your cursor on the map where you would like to zoom and double click to zoom in or right double click to zoom out.

6. The numbers in the list on the right should correspond to the number on the marker on the map. Click on the name on the list to locate and open the information bubble for that campground.

7. If you don't see a number on a marker, you will need to go to page 2 of the list to make them appear. Also, the numbers from 100 and up don't appear on the list unless you go to the top of the list and widen the "#" column. 8. NOTE: Private Residences are NOT open to the public and the markers are not in exact locations to protect privacy rights of the property owner. Also, some other places we have stayed are on public property, but the campsites are NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC - these are clearly indicated next to the name of the campground when you click on the marker.

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